Who Are Relatively Seeking UK?

Let us help to grow the little acorns of your information into giant oak trees filled with the many branches of your Families past.


“Relatively Seeking UK” are

Professional Genealogists and Family Tree Researchers

Your Trusted Genealogy Experts

Our Origins:

Embark on a journey with us! Relatively Seeking UK comprises a team of dedicated Professional Genealogists and Family History Researchers driven by a passion for unravelling the intricate stories woven into your family history.

Meet Our Team:

We are a balanced team of experts united by a fascination with ancestry, family history, architecture, local heritage, genealogy, photography and various interconnected fields. Our diverse backgrounds converge, creating a synergy that enhances our genealogical explorations.

Our Mission:

Many years of dedicated research have fostered enduring friendships, within our community, spanning associates and the countless individuals we have assisted in tracing their roots.

Diverse Expertise:

Our team comprises specialists versed in local history, maritime history, military history, architecture, heraldry, social history, photo restoration and an array of other disciplines pivotal to family tree investigations.

How we Help:

As seasoned Professional Genealogists and Family History Researchers, we extend our services and expertise to aid those who lack the time or in-depth experience in advancing their family research projects. We offer a range of tailored services and packages, accommodating various budgets and needs, from verifying individual records to constructing complete family trees. Your genealogical journey is our priority and we are eager to leverage our experience and skills to assist you.

We are Professional Genealogists and Family Tree Researchers offering our services and experience to help others, who either through the lack of time or in-depth experience have got stuck or just need a little extra help with their family research projects.

As a guide, we have put together a range of different services and packages to suit every budget or requirement, be it a one-off record that needs checking or an entire tree you would like our help building, we are happy to offer our experience and abilities to help you.