Who Are Relatively Seeking UK?

Let us help to grow the little acorns of your information into giant oak trees filled with the many branches of your Families past.


“Relatively Seeking UK” are

Professional Genealogists and Family Tree Researchers.

How it all began!

For many of us, it started out as a fun and interesting pastime, a way of exploring and recording our own families past. As with so many hobbies, it grew and grew, then later became a project involving many other members of our families. Moving on from all those years ago, genealogy and family history research has long since become part of our daily lives.

Who are we?

We are a team of Professional Genealogists and Family Tree Researchers who share a common interest in ancestry, family history, architecture, local history and genealogy, as well as photography and many other associated fields. We have come together in many different ways to become a group of people with a common interest whilst researching Genealogy.

What we do!

The many years of our research have led to lots of long-term friendships, with both other associates as well as the hundreds of people we have helped with their research and family trees.

Through the close-knit community of Genealogists and Family Tree Researchers, we have now grown into a large group of like-minded people, all with different levels of experience, skills and interests in many different fields of research.

What do they all do?

Members of our team include specialists in local history, maritime history, military history, architecture, heraldry, social history, photo restoration and many other topics of interest to those researching their family trees.

We are Professional Genealogists and Family Tree Researchers offering our services and experience to help others, who either through the lack of time or in-depth experience have got stuck or just need a little extra help with their family research projects.

As a guide, we have put together a range of different services and packages to suit every budget or requirement, be it a one-off record that needs checking or an entire tree you would like our help building, we are happy to offer our experience and abilities to help you.