Here are a few examples of case studies base on some of our research!

These are just a few excerpts of some of our trees to show you what sort of results you can expect to see when you receive your copies of your family tree from us.

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Professional Genealogists and Family History Researchers

For many of us, what started out as a way of exploring and recording our own families past, later became a hobby and even grew into projects involving many other members of our families. Moving on from all those years ago, it has long since become part of our daily lives.

We are Professional Genealogists and Family History Researchers who share a common interest in history, architecture and ancestry as well as photography and other associated fields. We have come together in many different ways to become a group of people with a common interest whilst researching Genealogy.

Over years of research, it has led to many long-term friendships, with both associates and people we have helped with their research and family trees.

Through the close-knit community of Professional Genealogists and Family History Researchers, we have now grown into a large team of like-minded people, all with different levels of experience, skills and interests in many different fields of research.

case study’s

Using the many sources at our disposal we can build a comprehensive story of a particular person’s life.

We use a combination of Birth Marriage and Death Records, Parish Records, Street Indexes, Voters Lists, Census and many other record sources and can obtain the relevant certificates for confirmation and to be given to the clients.

Often, we can find out something additional about their life if they served in the military, as what or where they served, if they won any awards or commendations and many other interesting facts like that.

Below are just a few excerpts of some of the fascinating and funny facts we have discovered while researching various people or their family trees.

Case Study 1

During one project, we came across the Grandfather of the clients and were able to build a wonderful account of his life story for them.

Here are just a few details we gleaned from our research into William’s life.

One significant find in this case study was finding a copy of his “Seamans Discharge book” which contained a record of the hundreds of sailings he had worked on during his 40 odd years at sea. It showed a record of where he sailed to and from, what ships he worked on and in what capacity, we were able to find information about nearly all those ships and added photos and other information about his life using saved postcards, letters home and other documentation the family had kept.

Below is just a small excerpt of the 100+ pages of information were discovered and amassed of his life.

William Lea was born on 11 September 1876 in Liverpool, England, his father, John, was 30 and his mother, Elizabeth, was 33. Later in life, he married Sarah Ann Fitzpatrick in February 1910 and they had two children during their marriage. He died on 6 February 1959 at the age of 82 having lived a full and varied life at sea, home and away.

William was Baptised on 19 Nov 1876 at St Mary C of E Church, Walton Road, Kirkdale, Lancashire, England. The service was performed by P Major Lester.

Williams sister Margaretta was born on 9 March 1879 at 45 Cockerell Street, Everton, Liverpool, 2 years later and his second sister Esther was born on 5 March 1881 also in Everton, Liverpool.

From the Census taken on 3 April 1881, we discovered that William and his family had moved to 3 Hartnup Place, Everton, Liverpool.

Sadly, just a couple of months later on 26 May 1881 his sister Margaretta died at 3 Hartnup Place, Everton, less than 1 week later his other sister Esther died on 30 May 1881 at the same address.

Williams brother Joseph was born on 8 August 1882 the family now lived at 9 Walton Breck Road, Walton, Liverpool, Joseph died on 14 October 1882 at 9 Walton Breck Road, Walton.

His brother John (Jack) was born on 16 June 1889 at 46 Chirkdale Street, Walton, Liverpool, on 5 April 1891 William Lea lived at 17 Humber Street, Kirkdale, Liverpool.

At the age of 19, on the 20 Dec 1895, William went to work as a “Boy”, (general hand), on board the “Lucania and a number of other ships” sailing from Liverpool to New York.

Between 20 July 1897 and 13 Sept 1905, he worked at sea in many different capacities, “Baker, Cooks Assistant and Stewards,” to name but a few, on many voyages and different ships sailing from Liverpool to New York, Montreal, Portland and other US, Canadian and South Africa ports.

On 22 August 1903 having worked his passage as a Baker on-board this ship “RMS Campania”, William decided he had enough of the sea and when the ship docked in New York he deserted and remained in the USA.

On the 9 Jun 1904 – 13 Sept 1905, we find him once again working as a Baker, on board the “Manchuria” and “Steamer Krichak” among others, sailing from New York to San Francisco and on to Alaska.

Having worked his way around the USA, we found William living ashore in San Francisco, California, USA, in 1906 and was there at the time of the Great Earthquake, although initially listed as a “Baker” he later became a “Builder” and helped with the work to rebuild the city following the disaster.

In 1909 he applied for US Citizenship, this was rejected, and he was supposedly asked to leave the USA. (Possibly Deported).

William returned to Liverpool and decided it was finally time he settled down and start a family of his own. William married Sarah Ann Fitzpatrick in February 1910 at the West Derby Register Office, Liverpool at the age of 33.

Just a few months later, on the 9 April 1910 we find William once again working as a 3rd Baker, on board “Victorian” sailing from Liverpool to St John, N.B. Canada.

While William was back at sea, we found out that Sarah became lonely and moved back in with Williams parents, John & Elizabeth Lea for a few months at 9 Corinthian Avenue, Old Swan, Liverpool.

Between the 18 March 1910 – 16 Dec 1911 Worked many voyages on board “Victorian” sailing from Liverpool to St John, N.B. Canada, Working as a 3rd or 4th Baker

Although he is not listed at home on the 2 April 1911 Census he was probably living with wife Sarah Ann and staying with her Aunt Catherine Fitzpatrick when not at sea, between 1911–1915 we found them at 27 Index Street, Walton, Liverpool.

15 March 1912 – 11 June 1914 he worked on several voyages on board the “Victorian and Alsatian” sailing from Liverpool to Montreal and Quebec, Canada, Working as a 4th and 5th Baker

His son William Dennis was born on 7 June 1914 at 27 Index Street, Walton on the Hill, Liverpool, Lancashire, England

19 June 1914 – 8 Aug 1914 he’s back on board the “Alsatian” sailing from Liverpool to Quebec, Canada, Working as 5th Baker

Between 24 Sep 1914 – 11 Jan 1915, we found William is working as Cooks Mate. On His Majesty’s Service, on board “HMS Calgarian” sailing from Liverpool to Gibraltar

William served in the military in 1914 in Germany in the Army Service Corps, with the Lancashire Fusiliers.

William was listed as serving in France & Flanders, in 1916, on 27 March 1918, he was taken Prisoner and sent to the Rennbahn Internment Camp, Munster, Westphalia, Germany.

Military Serial Numbers, 38868, 086983. Army Service Corps, Lancashire Fusiliers. Awarded: 1914 – 15 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal.

His daughter Sarah Ann was born on 1 June 1915 at 27 Index Street, Walton, Liverpool.

In 1916 his home address listed as 27 Index Street, Walton, Liverpool even though he was in the Army.

Following the death of his wife’s Aunt Catherine Fitzpatrick, the house they were living in is now listed in his name where he is living with wife Sarah Ann and their two children.

His mother Elizabeth Ann passed away in December 1925, at the age of 82, at Walton, Liverpool.

His father John passed away in September 1927 at the age of 81 at 9 Corinthian Avenue, Old Swan, Liverpool.

Between 7 June 1929 – 27 June 1929 on board “Montroyal” sailing from Liverpool to Quebec, Canada

From the 29 Sep 1939 NHS register we find William listed as a General Labourer, living at 27 Index Street, Walton, Liverpool.

His sister Louisa died in September 1939 in Lancashire, Lancashire, when William was 63 years old.

Last listed at this address in 1940 at 27 Index Street, Walton, Liverpool.

Between being bombed out & moving to 27 Index Street, 1941 – 1943 Stuart Road, Walton, Liverpool.

His sister Emma Elizabeth died on 26 January 1942 at 27 Saxonia Road, Walton, Liverpool.

In 1943 having been bombed out of their home in “Index Street”, the family moved to 29 Cowley Road, Walton, Liverpool and William is listed as working as a Shore Steward.

On the 15 Jan 1944, they are living at 29 Cowley Road, Walton, Liverpool and William is listed as a Baker & Confectioner, through our research we discovered he worked at a famous Liverpool baker, whose premises are now the pub, “No flies in our Loaf”

His sister Amelia died in 1947 when William was 71 years old at Cae-Glace Cottage, Llanbister, Radnorshire, Wales, a place that held many happy memories of holiday visits for all of the family over the years.

His wife Sarah Ann passed away on 28 March 1955 aged 78, at 29 Cowley Road, Walton on the Hill, Liverpool, they had been married 45 years.

William Lea died on 6 February 1959 aged 82 years old at 29 Cowley Road, Walton, Liverpool.

He was buried on 13 Feb 1959 in Private Grave, together with his wife Sarah Ann Fitzpatrick & Daughter in Law, Rose Annie Robson, at Anfield Cemetery, 236 Priory Road, Anfield, Liverpool.

We are not always as lucky if building such a complete life story as the hundred plus pages of just one person, sometimes we are only able to find the most basic of information, but with timeless diligence and attention to detail, we are often still able to build up a profile of someone’s life based on those of their siblings or other relatives.

Case Study 2

On other occasions we have been working away researching a family and their relations only to discover that our research links us into another tree and family we have previously researched, thus bringing two or more families together, who often had no knowledge of the other’s existence.

In one such example, we were researching a family in Italy whose ancestors had emigrated to England in the late 1800’s. During a telephone call from Italy to a colleague busy working in the Liverpool archives, the conversation was overheard by a gentleman who was busy researching his Italian ancestors for his family tree who had come to Liverpool in the late 1800’s as well.

When the phone call had finished he apologised for eves-dropping but informed our colleague that the people mentioned were, in fact, non-other than his Grandparents and Great-Grandparents.

Later we were able to share the information between both family trees, thus enhancing each other’s research greatly without having to spend hundreds of hours repeating the already verified information we had both researched previously.

A few days later whilst working on a different tree, low and behold we once again discovered a tie between the two previously linked family trees. As if 3 different trees linked together were not enough we have since discovered that yet another family tree falls right into the middle of our research, making 4 very happy families who are now all communicating and sharing information and photographs on a regular basis.

It all just goes to show what a small world we really live in and how many of our families were linked to people from far away places or lands, just another reason to look into your own family’s past, you never know who or what you may discover.

Case Study 3

In other examples, facts belay belief, when we discovered a man had purchased a grave and had a burial service for his amputated leg, I guess he hoped to get it back in the afterlife after he was later buried in the same grave.

We have also had services for other body parts that have been buried ahead of their owners remains, arms, feet etc.

We have even found records of family pets being buried along with their owners !

We are Professional Genealogists and Family History Researchers offering our services and experience to help others, who either through the lack of time or in-depth experience have got stuck or just need a little extra help with their family research projects.

As a guide, we have put together a range of different services and packages to suit every budget or requirement, be it a one-off record that needs checking or an entire tree you would like our help building, we are happy to offer our experience and abilities to help you.