Here are a few excerpts from some of our family trees, these examples show you the sort of information you can find when researching your ancestors and family trees!


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Professional Genealogists and Family History Researchers

For many of us, what started out as a way of exploring and recording our own families past, later became a hobby and even grew into projects involving many other members of our families. Moving on from all those years ago, it has long since become part of our daily lives.

We are Professional Genealogists and Family History Researchers who share a common interest in history, architecture and ancestry as well as photography and other associated fields. We have come together in many different ways to become a group of people with a common interest whilst researching Genealogy.

Over years of research, it has led to many long-term friendships, with both associates and people we have helped with their research and family trees.

Through the close-knit community of Professional Genealogists and Family History Researchers, we have now grown into a large team of like-minded people, all with different levels of experience, skills and interests in many different fields of research.

About our case studies

We are often asked to build a comprehensive story about a particular person’s life, using the many resources at our disposal, our case histories give you a number of examples of some of our findings.

People often ask for all the good, bad and indifferent facts we discover during our research, but are often shocked by some of the results.

We use a combination of Birth Marriage and Death Records, Parish Records, Street Indexes, Voters Lists, Census’ and many other record sources. Relevant certificates can be acquired for confirmation of certain facts to be given to the clients as part of their family story.

Often, we can find out something additional about their life if they served in the military, as what or where they served, if they won any awards or commendations and many other interesting facts like that.

Below are just a few examples of some of the fascinating and sometimes strange or funny facts and stories we have discovered while researching various people or their family trees.


Case Study 1: Excerpts from the life of William Lea.

During one of our ongoing research project’s, we learnt all about the Grandfather of the clients and were able to build a wonderful account of his life story for them.

Here are just a few details we gleaned from our research into William’s life.

One significant find in this case study was finding a copy of his “Seamans Discharge book” which contained a record of the hundreds of sailings he had worked on during his 40 odd years at sea. It showed a record of where he sailed to and from, what ships he worked on and in what capacity, we were able to find information about nearly all those ships and added photos and other information about his life using saved postcards, letters home and other documentation the family had kept.

Click here to read more of a small excerpt of the 100+ pages of information, documents & photo’s that were discovered and amassed of his life.

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Case Study 2: From Italian seedlings to Global Family discoveries !!!

Whilst working abroad in Italy, researching a local Italian family and their ancestors, we discovered during an overheard telephone conversation,  that our research links us into a number of other tree’s and families we had only previously begun to research, thus bringing a number of families together, who only had brief knowledge of the other’s existence.

During a telephone call from Italy to a colleague busy working in the Liverpool archives, the conversation was overheard by a gentleman who was researching his ancestors who migrated to England from their Italian homeland. He had discovered they had come to Liverpool in the late 1800’s from a reigon in the central provinces of Italy as well.

When the phone call had finished he apologised for eavesdropping but informed our colleague that the people mentioned were, in fact, non-other than his Grandparents and Great-Grandparents !!!

Click here to read more of how this story developed to link a number of different family trees together.

This Case Study is coming soon !!!

Case Study 3: Legless with hopes of unity in the afterlife !!!

Often during our research the facts belay belief. When we discovered there had been a burial of an amputated leg we decided we had to know more about this and similar cases as they seemed so bizarre.

It would appear from the stories that surround this case that Frederick Stanley Bramwell, had purchased a private grave so that he could be buried and reunited with his lost leg a later date. 

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We have also found burials for numerous other body parts that have been inturned ahead of their owners remains, arms, feet etc.

We have even found records of family pets being buried along with their owners !

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Case Study 4: Can anyone in your family beat this child’s name ?

We had been asked by a client to look into the interesting name of her maternal grandmother. Little did we know the record breaking results we would find from our research.

Click here if you would like to read more about her name and how it came about.

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Case Study 5: The Life & Crimes of a Habitual Offender !!!

In this research project we had been asked to look into the life of  her  father who had sadly died in prison before she ever got to meet him.

Following a DNA search two half siblings had discovered they had lived near each other all of their lives, without ever knowing they were related.

Now that they had found each other they both wanted to know more about their ancestors, but most of all wanted to see a photo of their unknown father.

Click here to see what we discovered and if we were able to fulfill their request with a photo of their father.

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Case Study 6: From brilliant Scientist to International Drugs Baron !!!

This Case Study is coming soon !!!

Case Study 7: The inspirational lives of a forgotten family of sporting heroes?

Charlotte was born 24 September 1871 in Bebington, Cheshire, England, her parents were Joseph and Margaret (nee Aspinall) Dod. She was one of five children Ann (Annie) 1863-1827, William (Willy) 1867-1954, Anthony (Tony) and Philip (1872-1873). They lived in a large house called “Edgeworth”.

Click here to read more about the life of Charlotte “Lottie” Dod and her amazing sporting family.

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We are Professional Genealogists and Family History Researchers offering our services and experience to help others, who either through the lack of time or in-depth experience have got stuck or just need a little extra help with their family research projects.

As a guide, we have put together a range of different services and packages to suit every budget or requirement, be it a one-off record that needs checking or an entire tree you would like our help building, we are happy to offer our experience and abilities to help you.