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Let us help to grow the little acorns of your information into giant oak trees filled with the many branches of your Families past.

Genealogy & Family History Research

Genealogy & Family History Research

Delve into your family’s origins and uncover the fascinating stories that shaped your past. At Relatively Seeking UK, we offer personalized family history research services tailored to accommodate any budget. Our diverse packages start from £100, providing comprehensive documented family histories alongside basic pedigree trees.

Our team of Professional Genealogists and Family History Researchers specializes in tracing lineages, whether it’s investigating your lineage from your immediate family to ancestors multiple generations back. If you have encountered obstacles in your research or require additional assistance, our experts step in to verify information, identify gaps, and further explore specific individuals or branches of your family tree.

Nestled in Liverpool, our access to the archives and repositories of the Northwest of England facilitates swift access to key dates, occupations, and geographical roots of your ancestors. Moreover, our network of colleagues and associates dispersed across the UK allows us to conduct in-depth research nationwide or internationally, although additional costs may apply for research outside the immediate area.

Chart Creation

Genealogy Chart DESIGN & Printing SERVICES

Explore our extensive range of family tree design and printing solutions offering diverse styles and customizable options. Whether you have existing tree files or need us to create one from your supplied information, including family photos, our services cater to your needs. We can incorporate personalized stylized themes or backgrounds, ensuring a bespoke family tree printout.

Managing an expanding family tree can quickly surpass a few sheets of paper, necessitating a comprehensive solution. Instead of juggling Sellotape and scissors, opt for our design and printing services that accommodate entire family trees or specific sections, regardless of the number of generations or individuals you wish to include. Our cost-effective solutions ensure a seamless transition from basic family member outlines to more detailed profiles.

Choose from layouts featuring key family members with basic details or opt for comprehensive information about each individual. These services are available at an additional cost to our standard packages, offering tailored solutions to suit your genealogical needs.



Photo Restoration & Digital Imaging

Preserve your cherished memories! Over time, photographs endure various challenges, from fading and creases to scratches, tears, stains, and general wear and tear.

Our restoration services are equipped to address these issues. Housed in our digital studio, we utilize cutting-edge computers, scanners, and software to rejuvenate your precious photos. Our expertise spans image manipulation, montages, and comprehensive restoration.

Employing high-resolution professional scanners, we capture intricate details from your original photos. Upon completing the restoration process, we employ high-quality photo printers and archival-grade papers and inks, ensuring prints are guaranteed against fading for 25 years. Please note that these services are available at an additional cost to our standard packages.


Location Photography & Videos FOR YOUR FAMILY HISTORY

Enrich your family tree with visual narratives! We offer customized location photography services, accentuating your family’s history with images depicting the places your ancestors frequented throughout the UK.

Our photographers will capture the essence of where your ancestors lived, worked, studied, worshipped, or cherished, even finding similar settings if the original properties are no longer standing.

Experience the essence of these locales through a compelling video tour showcasing the significant areas linked to your family’s past. Even if you’re miles away and unable to visit in person, our video tours offer an immersive experience. Please note that these specialized services are available at an additional cost to our standard packages.

Heraldry & Family Crests

Heraldry & Family Crest SERVICES

Explore your family’s legacy! Our specialized team of heraldic researchers delve into the prominent names within your family’s history, unravelling the tapestry of your heritage and occupations. We aim to unearth any existing family crests associated with your family name.

Upon discovery of a fitting crest linked to your family lineage, we collaborate with the Heraldic Society to update the crest, incorporating present family connections. With each marriage or generation, your crest evolves, symbolizing the growth of your lineage. Additionally, we offer the option to design and register a new crest specifically tailored for your current family. Please note that these personalized services are available at an additional cost to our standard packages.

Your Family History Tours

Your PERSONALIZED Family History Tours

Explore your heritage first-hand! Alongside Researching and Constructing your Family Tree, we offer tailor-made tours encompassing the sites and locations integral to your ancestors’ lives.

Walk the streets they once called home, experiencing their environment even if their original homes no longer stand. We meticulously seek out properties of similar styles to provide insights into their living conditions.

Visit the churches where your ancestors were baptized, confirmed, married, or laid to rest, offering a poignant connection to their spiritual legacy. If accessible, we guide you to their final resting places in churchyards or cemeteries.

Our tours have resonated with families whose ancestors emigrated to distant lands and those closer to home seeking to uncover their ancestors’ lives. Please note that these personalized tours are available at an additional cost to our standard packages.

Binders and Documents

Genealogical Supplies & Gift Shop – PRESERVE YOUR HISTORY

Here at Relatively Seeking UK we know how difficult it can be to find just the right media or other Genealogical supplies to help to record, file, sort, index and store your work.

We have sourced a collection of items to help you with your research and archiving as well as the presentation of your tree to others.

From pre-printed templates, record books, acid-free photo sleeves, plain or embossed folders, together with many other hard-to-find everyday essential items, all available from our online shop.

We also offer a wide range of associated gift items to add to or enhance your family tree, things to display, present, remember or just for fun.

See the ever-growing range of speciality and personalised items that we have sourced to add to your family’s memories of their past or present relatives.