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Let us help to grow the little acorns of your information into giant oak trees filled with the many branches of your Families past.

Genealogy & Family History Research

Genealogy & Family History Research

Have you ever wondered where your families roots lie, or how each of you became the person they are? Here at Relatively Seeking UK we can tailor your family history research requirements at a cost to suit every budget. We have several packages available starting from £150 which will provide you with a documented family history and a basic pedigree tree.

Our Professional Genealogists and Family History Researchers can search backwards from yourself, your parents, grandparents or any other ancestor you select. Alternatively, if you have already started your research and hit a brick wall, need a little extra help or wish us to pursue certain people further, we will cross-check your results and work on from there.

Based in Liverpool, we have access to the North West of England’s many archives and repositories, so can quickly produce an outline family history showing key dates, occupations and locations of your ancestors. We also have colleagues and associates based around the UK so further detailed research can be undertaken anywhere in the UK or abroad at additional costs.

Chart Creation

Genealogy Chart Creation & Printing

We offer a wide range of family tree design and printing services, with many different styles and options. Trees can be printed directly from your files of trees you have built yourself or, we can build a tree from the information you supply, including the placement of any family or personal photos you have supplied. We can even add stylised themes or backgrounds if required and print you a customized tree to include these.

All genealogists know only too well it doesn’t take a lot of research before the family tree outgrows a few sheets of paper. Rather than have to use sellotape and scissors, we can design and print an entire tree or selected sections at a modest cost no matter how many generations or people you wish to include.

From a large plan containing as many of the key family members and their basic information as you require, down to ones with more comprehensive information about each person. These services are at an additional cost to our standard packages.


Photo Restoration & Digital Imaging

We all know our Photographs can be subjected to a great number of trials and tribulations during their lifetime resulting in fading, creases, scratches, tears, stains, scribbles and other general wear and tear.

All these conditions can be sorted by our restoration services. In our digital studio, we are equipped with the latest computers, scanners and software, ready to undertake the repair of your precious photos, including all manner of image manipulation and montages.

Using a high-resolution professional scanner, we can capture all the detail from your original and following the completion of the restoration work, we output to high-quality photo printers using archive grade papers and inks guaranteed against fading for 25 years. These services are at an additional cost to our standard packages.


Location Photography & Videos

To enhance your family tree, wherever possible we can illustrate and enhance your families history with photos of the places your ancestors would have been familiar with. Our location photography is tailor-made to your specific requirements anywhere in the UK.

Our professional photographers can take images of where they used to live, work, study, and worship or even places they liked visiting, or ones of a similar style should these properties no longer exist.

We can also compose a video tour including the above-mentioned subjects of the area they lived giving you the feeling of being there even if you live many miles away and are unable to visit in person. These services are at an additional cost to our standard packages.

Heraldry & Family Crests

Heraldry & Family Crests

Once our specialist team of heraldic researchers has investigated the principal names in your family’s past, they can then continue with a study of your family heritage and professions and investigate to see if there is an Existing Family Crest belonging to your family name.

If we are able to find one that fits your family line we can contact the Heraldic Society and apply for such a crest to be updated to include current family links. Every marriage or generation generates additions to your crest. We can also have a crest designed and registered for your current family. These services are at an additional cost to our standard packages.

Your Family History Tours

Your Family History Tours

In addition to Researching and Building your Family Tree, we can offer personally tailored tours around some of the places and sites your ancestors had lived, worked, studied, worshipped, married or been buried.

We can take you to the streets they lived in and if their home is no longer there, we will find a property of a similar style to give you an idea of how or where they lived.

We can visit the Church they were baptised, confirmed, married or laid to rest in or from, (if the church is still standing), together with their final resting place in the churchyard or cemetery.

These tours have proved extremely popular with visitors whose families had emigrated to far off lands as well as those closer to them that have never known where they lived or worked etc. These services are at an additional cost to our standard packages.

Binders and Documents

Genealogical Supplies & Gift Shop

Here at Relatively Seeking UK we know how difficult it can be to find just the right media or other Genealogical supplies to help to record, file, sort, index and store your work.

We have sourced a collection of items to help you with your research and archiving as well as the presentation of your tree to others.

From pre-printed templates, record books, acid-free photo sleeves, plain or embossed folders, together with many other hard to find everyday essential items, all available from our online shop.

We also offer a wide range of associated gift items to add to or enhance your family tree, things to display, present, remember or just for fun.

See the ever-growing range of specialty and personalised items that we have sourced to add to your family’s memories of their past or present relatives.