Photo Restoration & Digital Imaging

Our highly skilled team of specialist technicians, can restore and repair photos that many others would consider to be worthless.


We all know our Photographs can be subjected to a great number of trials and tribulations during their lifetime resulting in fading, creases, scratches, tears, stains, scribbles and general wear and tear. All these conditions can be rectified by one of our Professional technicians as one of our additional services. In our digital studio, we are equipped with the latest computers and scanners ready to undertake the restoration of your precious old photos, and all manner of image manipulation and montages. Using a high resolution professional scanner, we capture all the detail from your original and output to high quality photo printers using archive grade papers guaranteed against fading for at least 50 years.


Our highly skilled team of specialist technicians, can restore and repair photos that many others would consider to be worthless. Using their skilled eyes together with the latest digital software and top of the range specialist hardware they are able to carefully rebuild your torn or cracked photos, fill in missing corners or other damage, remove water damage and stains, eliminate mould spots or other blemishes.

They can get rid of scratches, creases, tears and any number of other types of damage that we often find has happened to the only copy of a long lost loved one or memories of a special occasion that is still a happy memory even if the only remaining photographs have become damaged or faded.

We can even colourise some photos to give a more modern feel to the people or the surrounding scenery, many of our customers have tried out this service, only to return time and time again with new or even more demanding repairs of photographs for our specialists to undertake.

Imagine the joy of a family member to see a new image of a long-lost family member, whose only memory was a tiny tattered photo they had carried with them for years.


Whatever size or condition, a favourite photo of yours may be in, why not give us a call and let us see what we can do towards repairing or restoring it to its former glory, but we can even modernise it with a flash of colour, bringing the image right up to date

With the aid of some of the best digital equipment and software, we are able to remove all the years of damage that special photo has experienced, while it was carried around in a wallet or purse for years on end.
We can work in black and white, sepia or colour or any combination of finishes and formats to suit your wishes.