Relatively Seeking UK, February 2019 Blog Post

Well 2019 has certainly had a busy start with lots of new stories and research underway.

Well, who knows where our research into genealogy and family history research will take us this year.

There are many new families and stories to research for new and existing customers.

We often get asked how long it takes to finish building a family tree?

The answer is that it is a never-ending story, for every loss in a family there are new arrivals, be it through marriage or birth the family history keeps on growing day by day.

Every week new record sets become available, some online through the many different sites others become available as the 50 or 100-year closed record rule expires.

Needless to say, we will as always have plenty to keep our team busy and I am sure we will answer many more questions about peoples families and past.

Family History Detective !!!

As all of us who enjoy researching our Family History know there are many different places to look to discover more about our ancestors and other relations.

FIrst and foremost there are the stories that have been passed down from generation to generation, some are facts, some are hearsay while others are embellished folk tales.

Once we have accrued as many details and names as possible the true detective work begins. Start by drawing out or entering what you know on a family tree template. These can be downloaded or drawn up to suit your needs or entered into one of the many online family history sites.

You may wish to subscribe to one of the online family history sites like those listed below. Alternatively you might just want to visit the local archives and do some detective work searching through the vast array of records held there.

We use a combination of all different resources to help us in our investigations and compile the best and most accurate information for our clients.

All in all it comes down to the amount of time and money you have available to research your family’s history, whilst the numerous online sites are costly they can give you a great start in finding many different records in one place.

What ever course of research action you choose, don’t fall into the common trap if you find a family tree that your ancestors fit into, don’t just copy it verbatim. Always do your own research and double or triple check the records, there’s nothing worse than spending hours researching the wrong people that seemed to fit into your family.

Some of the Premier online genealogy websites you can use