Relatively Seeking UK, January 2019 Blog Post

Wishing all our Friends and Clients a Very Happy New Year

Review of 2018

Hello to all our friends and customers, after an extremely busy 2018 we are looking forward to seeing where 2019 takes us and some of our research projects.

In 2018 we helped hundreds of people discover new things about their family and their families past.

Some of our research has brought family members together with previously unknown relatives while other research built facinating stories about their ancestors.

What new stories and records will we discover in 2019?

Well, who knows where our research into genealogy and family history research will take us this year.

There are many new families and stories to research for new and existing customers.

We often get asked how long it takes to finish building a family tree?

The answer is that it is a never-ending story, for every loss in a family there are new arrivals, be it through marriage or birth the family history keeps on growing day by day.

Every week new record sets become available, some online through the many different sites others become available as the 50 or 100-year closed record rule expires.

Needless to say, we will as always have plenty to keep our team busy and I am sure we will answer many more questions about peoples families and past.

Lots more equipment to help with our research.

To keep at the top of our field or research, publishing and filmmaking to enhance the work we do in physical hands-on research, we have added a number of great new tools to our arsenal, with portable document scanners, new computers, printers, plotters and gyro stabilised cameras.

We have also invested in new photo and video editing equipment and upgraded to the very latest software to ensure any of our projects are of the highest quality for our customers.

Wishing all our Friends and Customers a Very Happy New Year.