Relatively Seeking UK, October 2018 Blog Post

Relatively Seeking UK, Blog Posts

Hi, friends were back with this months blog, well it’s certainly been a busy few months for the Relatively Seeking UK team. As ever they have been busy researching and searching through hundreds of records both locally, around the UK and a few even further afield.

Making New Friends!

I am pleased to say that we are helping more and more friends and customers every week.  We either meet them when we are busy working at one of the local archives we regularly attend or by answering enquiries received via our website request form.

Military Research!

The stories and histories we have helped research this summer cover a wide range of topics and come from many different areas and occupations. There have been many enquiries for information and military research, I guess with the centenary of the end of WW1 more people want to know how their ancestors were involved. They range from enquiries about tracing POW records, finding out about those listed as missing in action, in one case only to find him years later living far from home with a completely new family and story to tell.

Ferry Across the Mersey & Beyond!

We have been researching a number of people and families with links to the Isle of Man, some born there, some visiting and some with different and interesting stories to tell. They all go towards finding out who a past relative was and how they lived.

Talks, Lectures & Events!

Once again some of the team have attended a number of excellent talks, lectures and events that as always gave them some great guidelines for where and how to do additional research. Some were organised and held locally at Liverpool’s Central Library, others further afield at other Family History societies locations and a few at the wonderful Society of Genealogists Library in London.