Genealogical Supplies & Gift Shop

We also stock a vast array of Family Tree orientated gift ideas for all the family, young and old, near or far


Coming soon to, Relatively Seeking UK, we will be pleased to offer an extensive range of essential Genealogical supplies aimed at making your research and recording of records and documents ever easier, these will soon be available direct from our one-stop on-line store

We will also be stocking a vast array of Family Tree orientated gift ideas for all the family, young and old, near or far, we will be constantly adding to this range with many unique items only available from us here via our Relatively Seeking UK on-line store.


Binders and Documents

Be it binders for your documents, certificates or photographs, we will be stocking a wide array of sizes and colours to suit everybody’s needs or requirements.

We will have many special offers including our beginners record storage sets, which will contain everything you need to get you started recording and storing your records, documents, certificates and photographs.


We will also be stocking a wide range of records on CD’s & DVD’s, containing local street indexes, military records, voter’s indexes, parish records, cemetery records, baptism records, marriage records and many others.

We also aim to have a custom scanning service available in the future to search out and digitise any local record that you are looking for no matter what or from where, if it is publicly available we aim to bring you a personal copy for your future research usage.

Storage Solutions

In addition to these we will be stocking a wide range of storage, filing, indexing and other solutions to make your document handling and magazine storage neat and organised, so that you will always be able to find just the document or article you are looking for to continue with your own research and recording of so many valuable records.

We all know from past personal experience, there is nothing more confusing than a mass of unmarked or un-indexed documents or photographs, with specific filing solutions everything will always be right where it should be.

We have a full range of acid free pockets and sleeves to aid you with the filing of your old photographs, certificates, other paperwork and documents, ensuring everything is kept in the best possible condition for future reference or just to look at or show to other family members while explaining different people and ancestors from your family’s pasts.

It is essential for the long-term preservation of photographs and old certificates to keep them in acid free pouches and use brass paper clips to hold things together so that they don’t oxidise and mark your precious documents and damage them before future generations get the opportunity to see them in the best condition possible.


Another thing we at Relatively Seeking UK are pleased to be able to bring to our customers very soon is a range of gifts associated specifically to family history.

Many of the items are exclusively available from us, as well as being individually personalized to name, specific members of your family, be they past ancestors you wish to remember, current grandchildren or any other person you would like to appear on each of the items we have available here from our on-line shop.

Our range of gifts spans every occasion and requirement of anyone interested in any form of family history or even something exclusively personal for a special gift for a loved one.

Our range of goods spans from wearable items of jewellery, such as necklaces, bracelets, ear-rings and many other items of jewellery.

It also includes a full range of customizable items, such as personalized, mugs, cups, flasks, key rings, T-shirts, towels, pillows, throw cushions and many more such items.

We work together with a number or artisans who can craft unique pieces just for you, either to one of their designs based on your outlines or even from one of your own designs, there is nothing that these artists can’t achieve.

On a simpler note, we offer a range of screen printed soft furnishings and clothing items and are always happy to adapt our processes to include something special to add that personal little extra touch.

We are constantly researching other artisan suppliers and artists who will enable us to bring an ever-increasing range of exclusive gifts to our customers, for every anniversary, memory or other occasion you may wish to remember.

We are currently in negotiations with several custom leather workers who offer a range of exclusive hand tooled book covers, we are hoping they will be able to produce a unique range of book covers and binders that can enhance your family history albums and turn them into something even more desirable as a beautiful piece of art to present your very own family tree records to your family and friends.

As well as our extensive range of personalised gifts, don’t forget we have Gift Certificates for any value, that can be used against a person’s Family History Research or any of the items in our on-line gift shop. It makes a great gift for an older relative who already has most everyday things they need.

By giving a Gift Certificate, you are giving towards a lasting heritage not only for the recipient but also every other member of the family both now and into the future.

A Family Tree just like a real Tree keeps growing year after year, with the passing of one generation and the arrival of a new one the tree will continue to grow.

Keep checking back regularly to see our ever growing range of items.
Our on-line shop is coming soon.

Relatively Seeking Team.