Location Photography & Videos

Our Relatively Seeking UK‘s location Photography and Video services are tailor-made to your specific requirements anywhere in the UK.


Another one of Relatively Seeking UK‘s popular services, especially for those people who live abroad or far away from where their ancestors grew up, lived or emigrated from is our location photography and video service, with this we can further enhance and illustrate your ancestor’s history with a personalised range of photos or videos of the places your ancestors would have been familiar with during their lifetimes.

Our Relatively Seeking UK’s location Photography and Video service is tailor-made to your specific requirements anywhere in the UK.

We can photograph where your ancestor’s used to live, or if their home, street or other building no longer exists we will find a similar style of property to theirs so you still get the feeling and style of building even if it is not the one they lived in previously.

We can show where they worked during their lives, sometimes people had many different professions, depending on local demands and their personal circumstances.

If the Church that your ancestor’s got Christened, Baptised, Confirmed, Married or even Laid to rest in is still standing and in use, we will do our best to arrange to film not only around the outside and grounds, but also where allowed to film or photograph the inside to give you an everlasting memory of where your ancestors, not only worshiped but took part in so many memorable events during their lives.

Should the place no longer there we will scour the archives and newspapers for any photographs that we can scan in and add to a photo collage on your personal family history DVD.


As part of the many services we offer here at Relatively Seeking UK, following the research by our team of Professional Genealogists and Family History Researchers, we can do the same thing for their schools, places of work, even the local pub they used to drink at and possibly were introduced to other friends who later may have lead the way to their future relationships and the start of yet another line in your family tree.

Remember in days gone by, families never strayed far from their work and their homes. Home was nearly always close to where they worked as the modern transport services were unheard of back then if you could not walk to work it was unlikely that you would have a job as there were very few other ways to get there.

Also, studies have proved that many relationships came about between the children of co-workers, or people who worshiped at the same church, whose siblings went to the same schools as the other families or they lived very near to each other, it’s amazing how often neighbours married each other and their children did the same.


Here at Relatively Seeking UK, we not only have a range of the very latest HDTV digital video cameras and editing equipment, we also have a full range of top line digital still cameras and lenses allowing us to return the best possible results in any project we undertake.

In addition to all this equipment, we have a team of first-class photographers and videographer as well as editors who will put together a selection of stills and video to give you a seamless presentation to enjoy amongst your family and friends for many years to come.

We also have a couple of the very best Drones available, on which we can mount either stills or video cameras to enable us to include a series of aerial views not only of their home but also the surrounding areas, where the family members, were born, lived, worked, worshiped and eventually died and were laid to rest.