Relatively Seeking UK, November 2017 Blog Post

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Amazing Discoveries

Some amazing discoveries were made recently, whilst researching some old Liverpool addresses, by team members. They found documents and record sets at Liverpool Central Library’s archives that we had not used in this families research. Whilst we have often used many of the excellent photo sets in the past, this collection was a great find.

Anglican Cathedral, Old Shops & Homes

Discovery of old City Engineers photos sets, taken of many streets, buildings, churches and other key parts of Liverpool. Great additions when filling in the blanks about the area where the families ancestors. From where they had lived, studied, worshipped and worked. We were able to use a number of the photographs in the family tree. This greatly enhanced the content and helping to bring the families stories to life.

Many of the buildings are long since demolished and their sites have been redeveloped into something completely different.

Church Street, Liverpool 1940

More to Come Soon

During the coming months, we will be researching the background history of many of the photos and places included in this fine collection. We will feature photos of specific streets or buildings and give a tour through the history as an example of the sort of things that can be discovered just from a simple photo from our past and to show how important it is to keep lots of records and photos to document our own and our families lives as we grow up.

All Saints - Bentley Rd, Toxteth

We will be posting many more them with relevant information about things contained within them in our forthcoming blogs.


Inside All Saints - Bentley Rd, Toxteth

If there is a particular building, property or place you are interested in finding more details about its past, why not send us an enquiry and we will see what we can find. Perhaps you have already done a study of a particular house, where you or your family live or lived in the past if so we would be happy to share them with other interested family history researchers.